2 Week Quarantine

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, poolees now enter a Quarantine period of two weeks prior to boot camp.

Arriving Quarantine

This page contains the information about your poolee's 2-week Quarantine during COVID-19.


There has been some inconsistency in the message for whether those in quarantine are poolees or recruits. After speaking with the CWO2 Yarbrough at the Communication Strategy and Operations (CSO) office at MCRD Parris Island, we will be referring to those in quarantine as POOLEES. CWO2 Yarbrough told us the Marine Corps wants a clear distinction between those in quarantine and those in training. Poolees in quarantine are in a more relaxed environment without Drill Instructors. Poolees will become recruits after stepping on the Yellow Footprints. We are currently updating the pages on our websites that refer to poolees in quarantine to ensure the message is consistent.

Making Marines During Covid-19

How Recruit Training Has Changed

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Marine Parents and the Marine Corps
Recruit Parents
Whats After Boot Camp
After The Corps