2 Week Quarantine

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, poolees now enter a Quarantine period of two weeks prior to boot camp.

Arriving Quarantine

This page contains the information about your poolee's 2-week Quarantine during COVID-19.

From the Marine Corps regarding MCRD SD: As recruits arrive to the depot, they enter a staging period of 14 days during which they will be medically screened, monitored, and provided classes to prepare and orient them to begin recruit training. All of this will occur before they step onto our iconic yellow footprints and make that memorable move toward earning the title Marine. Current planning and execution remain fluid as the situation continues to evolve. The health and well-being of our recruits, recruiting and training personnel, and their families remain our primary concerns. All recruits will be screened and tested for COVID-19 prior to beginning recruit training.

Making Marines During Covid-19

How Recruit Training Has Changed

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