Why Politics Are Not Allowed

Why Politics Are Not Allowed

— Voting booths (U.S. government photo/released).

With our country currently becoming more and more politically polarized, it is important to remember that our men and women in uniform are not serving on behalf of a political party or interest—they are serving our country on behalf of all Americans, regardless of individual political beliefs. As such, one of the ground rules I put into place when founding Marine Parents is "no politics."

The reason we do not allow politcal topics, posts, or discussions on our websites is simple—MarineParents.com is, first and foremost, a support community. Political differences have the potential to denigrate the support environment and we don't believe that political partisanship should play a role in, or impact, the support of our troops.

The primary function of MarineParents.com and its outreach programs is to provide support and information to Marines and Marine families, and personal political beliefs have no bearing on either of those functions. Our goal is to bring people together; politics have the potential to be divisive and exclusive. Therefore, we do not allow any form of political discussion on our website, in our Facebook groups, or on Marine Family Network.

That being said, we DO allow freedom of spiritual proclamations, support and prayer. We DO believe in God, Family, Country and The United States Marine Corps. Expressions of patriotism, faith, and support of our troops are not considered political statements and, therefore, may be freely posted by members.


Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder & Executive Director
MarineParents.com, Inc.

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