Congratulations! You're on a new journey to becoming a Marine Parent. The pride is indescribable, but you may feel you are in a different world with a whirlwind of emotions and never-ending questions.

Haga clic aquí para leer esta página en español. is here to help you get through boot camp. The roadmap includes information about recruit training (boot camp), schedules, terminology, expectations, and perhaps most importantly, venues to talk with other parents-novices just like you, as well as "expert" parents who've been down this road and experienced the same uncertainties and pride.

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I feel more pride, more compassion, more respect...for my son. Being here on this site has been the difference. I read how all the other parents have gone [through] and are going through this change and I find that I'm gaining strength through these very people. We are all in this together and I'm very happy about that. I hope that you find the peace and comfort that I have found here with
016— Marine Parent Robbie, from Texas, April, 2005
Private First Class Simon J. Hays

Private First Class Simon J. Hays stands at parade rest prior to graduation at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Nov. 21, 2014.
—USMC Photo

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Your son or daughter must earn the title of United States Marine. Boot camp is a strict training program that builds Marines with the core values of the Marine Corps: honor, courage and commitment. Your recruit will leave home a child and return 13 weeks later a Marine. We know this transition can be difficult for parents, so we offer the following free services and programs to help you through these 13 weeks:

  • Boot Camp Information Center
    Use the links at the left to access recruit training topics, message boards , graduation information, travel planning, a "What's After Boot Camp" section, and official MCRD websites.

  • Weekly Newsletter
    Be sure to sign up for our Recruit Parents Newsletter and our Marine Parents Newsletter. These e-newsletters are sent out bi-weekly on alternating Wednesdays of every month. These newsletters will help you not only through boot camp, but also through each additional phase of your recruit's career in the Marine Corps as well as transitioning out of the Marine Corps.

  • Terminology
    Brand new terminology is a "must know" for families with a recruit in Marine Corps boot camp. Use the link at the left to access this information.

  • Facts About the Marine Corps
    Use the Information Center to learn facts about the Marine Corps, deployments, homecomings, benefits and more.

  • A Place to Connect & Share®
    Join our social media groups with other families who have a recruit graduating with your recruit. Share the emotions with other folks that really do understand what you're feeling

  • Graduation Gifts and T-shirts
    Our online store offers Marine Corps wear, memorabilia, graduation t-shirts, and graduation announcements. All proceeds support, Inc. outreach programs and services.

  •, Inc. was founded in January, 2003 in response to parents' needs to find information and to Connect & Share™ with one another during deployments. Our free services, connections and outreach projects have expanded to support Marines, and to support and educate Marine moms, dads, spouses, families and friends. We've helped over 130,000 Marines, recruits and family members during boot camp, training, active duty and deployments. You've found a Place to Connect & Share™.

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