It is not uncommon to hear a statement like, "Marines sure do look sharp in uniform!" As a matter of fact, some Marines claim part of their motivation to join the Marine Corps was found in the desire to attain the honor of wearing the esteemed uniform.

Why do Marines look so sharp in uniform? The answer lies in their incredible attention to detail and strict uniform regulations which include specifications regarding haircuts and hygiene.

Recruits learn the importance of these regulations early on in boot camp as one of their first stops on the depot is the barber shop. Throughout the course of recruit training recruits continue to learn about their newfound uniform regulations and the standards they will be held to as a Marine.

Marine Corps grooming standards specify, in thorough detail, regulations regarding haircuts, hair styles, hair colors, facial hair, jewelry, eyeglasses, dental ornamentation, cosmetics, fingernails, and more. Additional uniform regulations include orders against doing any of the following while walking in uniform: chewing gum, using a cell phone, or placing hands in pockets.

Marine Haircuts

— USMC photo.

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