13 Weeks to Becoming a Marine Parent

Introduction to RecruitParents.com

Drill Instructor Sergeant Leo Andavazo welcomes recruits of Delta Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California, January 5, 2015.
— USMC Photo.

I feel more pride, more compassion, more respect...for my son. Being here on this site has been the difference. I read how all the other parents have gone [through] and are going through this change and I find that I'm gaining strength through these very people. We are all in this together and I'm very happy about that. I hope that you find the peace and comfort that I have found here with MarineParents.com.
  —Marine Parent Robbie, from Texas, April, 2005

Congratulations! You're on a new journey toward becoming a Marine Parent. The pride you will feel is indescribable, but the whirlwind of emotions and persistent questions may be overwhelming. We provide the answers.

From the moment your son or daughter decides to enlist in the Marine Corps, you begin a journey into what is often times an unfamiliar place. You'll likely have dozens of questions and will want to connect with other parents who understand the pride, uncertainties, and emotions you're feeling.

RecruitParents.com, a project of MarineParents.com, Inc., was developed to help guide you through the journey toward becoming a Marine parent. The RecruitParents.com roadmap includes information about recruit training (Boot Camp), schedules, terminology, expectations, and, perhaps most importantly, provides opportunities to talk with other parents—novices just like you, as well as "expert" parents who've been down this road and know firsthand what you're going through.

Your son or daughter must earn the title of United States Marine. Recruit training is a strict training program that builds Marines with the core values of the Marine Corps—honor, courage, and commitment.

Your recruit will leave home as a child and return 13 weeks later as a Marine. We offer the following free services and programs to help you through these 13 weeks:

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