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What is Billeting?

Billeting is the military terminology used to define transient housing, guest housing, and/or other accommodations while traveling. Generally, billeting accommodations would be located on a military installation.

Yes, as the immediate family member (mothers, fathers, wives, or siblings under the age of 18) of a graduating recruit, you CAN stay in Billeting Housing at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego during graduation regardless of whether or not you are former military.

It's really easy and convenient to stay in the billeting facilities and it's truly a beautiful area. The prices are very affordable. To be "on the base" really adds to the ambiance of graduation. See photos below. There is a private vanity in each room in addition to an ironing board and a coffee pot with coffee and filters.

While some of the rooms are joining and share a bathroom, these rooms are given to one family to share. Families will never have to share a bathroom with another family, unless they choose to. In the event that only a male family member is attending and the facilities are short on space, the office will ask if he would be willing to occupy a private room but share the bath. Female family members will not be asked to share a bathroom.

Please note: Family-style rooms are kept available for families of Recruits 95% of the time. However, in the rare event that the billeting facilities need to be made available for service members on orders, space-available reservations will be canceled.

It is also important to note that once the family's Recruit graduates and leaves the Depot, the family may no longer stay aboard the Depot.

To make reservations:

Reservations can be made beginning 30 days prior to your arrival. They cannot be made earlier than that.

The last four digits of your Recruit's social security number are required when making reservations. Please have that information available before calling to make reservations.

Location of MCRD San Diego Billeting:

MCRDSD Billeting is located in Bldg 625, adjacent to Gate 4 and behind the Base Exchange.

Billeting Prices

In order to fund improvement projects, amenities and to ensure guest comfort, MCRD San Diego Billeting has increased room rates for FY-20 effective 01 October 2019. For more information about billeting rates at MCRD San Diego, contact billeting.

MCRD San Diego Billeting Photo 1

Enlisted Billeting: Exterior Courtyard

MCRD San Diego Billeting Photo 2

Enlisted Billeting: Room with twin beds, private vanity (this particular room has a shared shower/toilet area)

MCRD San Diego Billeting Photo 3

Enlisted Billeting: Showing Desk Space and Television

MCRD San Diego Billeting Photo 4

Another photo I liked; Everything on the depot is just gorgeous and incredibly well-maintained. Beautiful!

MCRD San Diego Billeting

In addition to providing lodging for single Marines, transient lodging services are provided similar to a quality hotel or motel for the following types of guests:

  • Active Duty Military and DoD Civilains on Temporary Duty Orders
  • Active Duty Military and their families on PCS Orders
  • Guests of the Commanding General
  • Active and Retired Military on a Space Available basis
  • Immediate family members (mothers, fathers, wives, or siblings under the age of 18) of Graduating recruits

A Couple Notes:

You can make your reservation beginning exactly 30 days from your scheduled arrival on a first come, first serve basis for rooms. Your reservation can be "bumped" up until the day before arrival. Remember, you are a guest on a military installation when you stay in billeting, as well as a guest of your future Marine. Your actions on the Depot are a direct reflection on your future Marine. Please be courteous and respectful.

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