Has Information & Services for Every Stage of the Marine Corps Career

We're here to support you for the duration of your Marine's time in the Corps, from boot camp and schooling through active duty, reserves, deployment, reintegration back into to civilian life, and as a veteran.

We have information and services for every stage of the Marine Corps Career. That's an important concept to understand when your loved one is in boot camp. We're here to support you for the duration of your Marine's time in the Corps, as they reintegrate back into civilian life, and during their time as a veteran. We're here for you when your Marine deploys. We're here for you if your Marine gets ill or is injured. We also offer Gold Star Legacy, an outreach program designed to honor and remember our fallen heroes. The support we offer includes providing "a Place to Connect & Share"® during every stage of your Marine's career as well.

We are here to help lead the way to groups designed to provide support during each stage. We have Facebook groups for every stage of your recruit/Marine's career in the Marine Corps. We have very knowledgeable volunteers in each group to help guide you along the way. Click here to join one of our Facebook groups!

Our Newsletters and websites offer additional information and knowledge provided by experts. We encourage you to use the websites and sign up for the newsletters as you journey through boot camp and into "What's After Boot."

Click here to learn more about how supports you.

Marine Parents has been such a gift to me since my son decided to join [the Marines]. Seeing people share their stories, having all of the resources available to us, and being with people who either have, who are, and who will experience this lifestyle is priceless.

—Kacy, Mother of a Recruit, 8/21/2016

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