Marine Corps Recruit Training Matrix, San Diego

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MCRD SD Matrix Terminology Explained

In this section of the website, we'll break down the matrix week-by-week, day-by-day, in civilian terms.


  • Initial Strength Test: Recruits attempt a test similar to the physical fitness test (PFT) but with lower standards.
  • In House Procedures: Recruits begin all paperwork necessary at the beginning of boot camp.
  • Religious Services: Recruits are given the opportunity on Sunday to practice their religion. This gives them an opportunity to catch their breath and take a break from Drill Instructors.
  • S.U.L.D.: Squad Unit Leader Development Program


  • Intro to Core Values: Recruits are taught about the core values honor, courage, and commitment.
  • M16 Issue: Recruits are issued their weapons that they'll use throughout boot camp.
  • Sprints: Recruits take part in sprint exercises.
  • SAPR class: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.
  • Intro to MCMAP:
  • Recruits are introduced to the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
  • Circuit Course/ Combat Care I: Recruits take part in the circuit course and are instructed on the basics of combat care.
  • Intro to O- Course: Recruits are introduced to the obstacle course.
  • Intro to CFT/Combat Care II: Recruits are introduced to the combat fitness test (CFT) and get their second lesson in combat care.


  • 4x400 Intervals/ Combat Care III: Recruits take part in an interval based fitness event and get a 3rd lesson in combat care.
  • Bayonet Techniques/Pugil Sticks I: Recruits learn bayonet techniques with their rifles and participate in their first pugil sticks bout.
  • Obstacle Course II: Recruits attempt the obstacle course for the 2nd time.
  • 2 Mile S&E Course/Platoon Run: Recruits conduct a strength and endurance course teaching them teamwork and they participate in a platoon run.


  • Confidence Course I: Recruits run through the confidence course to build the self-confidence of the recruits.
  • 2x400m Sprints and Circuit Course: Recruits conduct sprints and run through a series of circuits for conditioning.
  • Admin/ID Cards: Recruits receive their ID cards
  • Combat Conditioning: Recruits conduct conditioning for MCMAP
  • SDI Inspection: Recruits are inspected by their Senior Drill Instructors.
  • 2.5 mile S&E Ability Group Run: Recruits participate in a strength and endurance group run designed to improve teamwork.
  • Initial Drill: Recruits are judged on the close order drill techniques they have learned so far.


  • Combat Water Survival: Recruits are taught water survival tips throughout swim week.
  • Confidence Course II: Recruits run the confidence course for the 2nd time.
  • Pugil Sticks II: Recruits participate in their 2nd pugil sticks bout.
  • Individual Photos: Individual dress blues photos.
  • PFT I: Recruits will run their initial physical fitness test.
  • Academic Review: Recruits review the knowledge they have learned so far.
  • O-Course III: Recruits run the obstacle course for the 3rd time.


  • Log Drills: Recruits run a course while carrying a log on their shoulders. This is to promote teamwork among the recruits.
  • First Uniform Fitting: Recruits are fitted initially for their uniforms.
  • MCX-Haircuts: Recruits take their first visit to the Marine Corps Exchange and get haircuts.
  • Initial CFT: Recruits run their initial Combat Fitness Test.
  • 5k Hike: Recruits participate their first hike 5 km in distance.


  • PFT II: Recruits run their 2nd physical fitness test
  • BAC/Pugil Sticks III: Recruits run the bayonet assault course and participate in their 3rd pugil sticks bout.
  • Prac Written Exam I: Recruits take their first written exam, testing their knowledge.
  • Admin/Orders: Recruits learn how to read their orders.
  • Series Cmdr Inspection: Recruits are inspected by their Series Commander.
  • Uniform Issue: Recruits are issued their uniforms.
  • Final Drill/Move to WFTBN: Recruits conduct final drill, testing their skills in close order drill. Recruits move to Weapons and Field Training Battalion at Camp Pendleton.


  • RCO Issue: Recruits are issued Rifle Combat Optics prior to Grass Week.
  • 8k Hike: Recruits participate in a hike 8 km in distance.
  • MCMAP Remediation: Recruits struggling with MCMAP are given an opportunity to get extra instruction.


  • Qualification Day: Recruits qualify for Table I on the rifle range.


  • Final CFT: Recruits take their final Combat Fitness Test.


  • Prac Written Exam II: Recruits take their 2nd written test.
  • SATO ticket issue: Recruits make their travel plans for after graduation.
  • Confidence Chamber: Recruits train with their gas masks in the gas chamber.
  • 6k Night Hike: Recruits conduct a night hike 6 km in distance.
  • Copeland's Assault Course: Recruits conduct this course to help instill a combat mindset. Recruits conduct many different courses throughout the Crucible.
  • 15k Reaper Hike: Recruits conduct the 15 km up the mountain named the Reaper. Completing this hike marks the end of the Crucible.
  • Emblem Ceremony: Recruits become Marines and receive their Eagle, Globe, and Anchors.
  • Gear De-Issue: Marines return their issued gear.
  • Movement to MCRD: Marines return to MCRD San Diego from Camp Pendleton.


  • Force Fitness: Marines conduct physical fitness activities throughout the week.
  • 2nd Uniform Fitting: Marines are fitted for their uniforms a 2nd time.
  • Blood Drive: Marines are given the opportunity to take part in a blood drive.
  • Museum Visit: Marines visit the Marine Corps Museum aboard MCRD.
  • MCMAP Test: Marines are tested on their MCMAP skills.
  • PFT III: Marines conduct their final physical fitness test.
  • Rappel/Fast Rope: Marines are trained on the rappel tower.
  • Company Cmdr's Base Depot Tour: Civilian groups take a base tour with the Company Commander.
  • Base Liberty: Marines are given a period of time for base liberty.


  • Grad Practice: Marines practice for graduation.
  • SOI/MCT Brief: Marines are briefed on what to expect when they arrive at the School of Infantry (SOI).
  • Liberty Brief: Marines are briefed on what they are allowed to do during Family Day, as well as the rules and regulations while on 10 day leave.
  • Warrior Preservation: Marines are given a lesson on preserving the history and traditions of the Marine Corps.
  • Bn Cmdr's Inspection: Marines are inspected by the Battalion Commander.
  • Weapons De-Issue: Marines return their weapons to the armory.
  • Moto Run: Marines take part in the motivational run.
  • Family Day: Marines see their family for the first time in 3 months.
  • Graduation: Marines graduate boot camp and begin 10 day leave.
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