15 Reasons to Shop at the EGA Shop

When you shop at the EGA Shop, you support the troops and our outreach programs!
15 Reasons to Shop at the EGA Shop
Posted on 12/6/2022

When you shop at the MarineParents EGA Shop, 100% of the proceeds support the outreach programs of the organization. We've been helping Marines and their family members since 2003, and your purchase helps to support Marine Corps families! THANK YOU for shopping with us!

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Text EGAshop to 94253 to join and receive specials and coupon codes!

Now it's easier than ever to get notified of coupons and specials when your buying Marine Corps clothing, t-shirts, and gear at the EGA Shop. Text the code to your phone and you're all set! Take a look below at some of the Marine gifts and USMC T-shirts we have in our online store.

Sale for Marine Corps Family Day at the EGA Shop

USMC Garden Flags for every season and holiday!


The EGA Shop has a wide selection of unique Marine Corps garden flags that you won't find anywhere else. Show off that Marine Corps Pride for every holiday and occasion! Every purchase supports our troops!

EGA Shop, purchase Marine Corps Clothing and Support Our Troops at the same time!
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