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History of 8th & I

Learn about Marine Barracks Washington, also known as 8th & I.


Marine Barracks Washington, known as "8th & I," is the oldest post in the Marine Corps and has been the residence of every Commandant since 1806. The site for the barracks, at the intersection of 8th St. and I St. in Washington, D.C., was chosen by President Thomas Jefferson and the second Commandant of the Marine Corps, Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, after the two rode through the city looking for a suitable location. The intersection of 8th St. and I St. was chosen due to its proximity to the Washington Naval Yard and the fact that it was within easy marching distance of the Capitol building.

Operation Desert Storm Cease-Fire

February 28, 1991, in Marine Corps history.


On February 28, 1991, Operation Desert Storm came to an end when a cease-fire declared by George W. Bush went into effect. Over the course of the war, the First Marine Expeditionary Force had a strength of more than 92,000 Marines, making Operation Desert Storm the largest Marine Corps operation ever. In total, 24 Marines were killed during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Support for Recruit Parents

How we help support you in this journey.


When parents learn that their son or daughter has enlisted, or is contemplating enlisting, in the Marine Corps, they may go into "This can't be happening" mode - particularly those with little or no military familiarity. An infinite number of questions may immediately arise, and sometimes there are no answers.

When Will I Know My Recruit's Platoon Number?

An Article from our Founder, Tracy Della Vecchia


This is an important question because we can't send a letter until we get the platoon number. The address for each company is public knowledge, but mailing a letter without a platoon number causes big delays. The wrong platoon number causes even more delays. So here's the TOTAL scoop on this question.

Life in the Corps Website Map

Marine Corps Knowledge, Marine Life, History, and Tradition


These pages of our website are rich with information that you'll want to know while your loved one is in the Corps. We bring it to you in civilian terms. For help navigating our website, use this map of pages for Life in the Marine Corps.

The information I've learned from websites has been incredible. They give me information in civilian terms. I feel more informed, but more importantly, I feel closer to my daughter in her journey in the Marine Corps. Semper Family, and thank you!
—Marine Mom Genevieve from Plano, TX in 2020

Uniforms of the Marine Corps

Learn about YOUR Marine's Uniforms: 3 Different Types


The link below to the website page includes a chart to understand better the uniforms your Marine is wearing. The chart is an excellent reference as well as a learning tool. You can also learn about the differences between uniforms in other branches of the service.

Website Map for Families of Officers

Use this as a guide to navigate the officers section


For family members of officers needing help navigating our website, use this map of officer's pages on a Place to Connect & Share®.

I want to thank so much!! You have calmed many fears and worries that I have had. Thank you for your dedication, time, and love!! Brigitte, Marine Mom, 2017

Boot Camp Survival Tips for Parents

If you read nothing else, read this article.


We want to share these boot camp survival tips with you. If you read nothing else about MCRD, read this. Indeed, they include four "DO NOT" rules, but this is the Marine Corps and they have rules. You'll be glad you know them.

Marine Corps Ranks

Learn about ranks using terminology civilians can understand.


Learning about Marine Corps ranks is a fundamental yet vital part of life in the Corps. Not only is it essential for your Marine to know the rank structure, but it can also be helpful for loved ones to know which rank their Marine is and which ranks their Marine will work with daily.

The Recruiters

Are They Your Resource for Questions?


As the parents and/or family of a Marine Corps applicant or recruit, you likely have many questions. You may or may not find your son or daughter's recruiter to help answer your questions. Bear in mind your son or daughter's recruiter has a mission to accomplish and the recruiter's duties are to the Marine Corps and the applicants. Don't fret; there are plenty of other avenues to find the answers you're looking for.

Medical Discharge

Learn the process Marines go through when they are medically discharged from the Corps.


The Marine Corps demands a lot from Marines, both physically and mentally. Physical training can take a toll on the body. The mental stress, whether a Marine has been in combat or not, can take a toll on the mind. Medical conditions can persist to a point that a Marine would be rendered unfit for duty and then be medically separated or retired.

The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (EGA)

Learn more about the origins of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.


The origins of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor insignia worn by Marines can be traced to those ornaments worn by early Continental Marines as well as to the British Royal Marines.

In 1776, Marines wore a device depicting a fouled anchor. Changes were made to that device in 1798, 1821, and 1824. An eagle was added in 1834. The current insignia dates to 1868 when Brigadier General Commandant Jacob Zeilin convened a board "to decide and report upon the various devices of cap ornaments of the Marine Corps." A new insignia was recommended and approved by the Commandant. On 19 November 1868, the new insignia was accepted by the Secretary of the Navy.

First MEF Attacks Iraqi Defenses

February 24, 1991 in Marine Corps History


On February 24, 1991, the First Marine Expeditionary Force and coalition forces began a ground assault on Iraqi defense forces in the final stages of Operation Desert Storm. The First and Second Marine Divisions attacked Iraqi defenses from the front while allied armored forces attacked from the rear. Approximately 100 hours later, Iraqi forces surrendered.

Travel Plans for Graduation

Marine Corps Recruit Depot: PI & SD


Making your travel plans to San Diego or Parris Island is easy enough, but what about your soon-to-be Marine? Will he/she travel back home with you for 10-day leave? How do you know what time to arrange flights?

If you didn't discuss this with your recruit prior to leaving for boot camp, and most of us did not, and the letters you're getting from your recruit aren't giving you the answers you need, where do you turn?

Páginas de Marine Parents en Español

Pages of Marine Parents in Spanish


En cada página en Español de nuestros sitios web, encontrará esta barra roja con enlaces desde esta página, así como sitios web adicionales para las etapas de su recluta o la carrera de Marine en el Cuerpo.

Protein Bars in Boot Camp

Written by a Marine who served USMC '08-'12


Protein bars. Delicious and filling, a deviation from the usual and bland Marine Corps boot camp diet. It's no wonder they are the most requested item from recruits. But should you be sending them?

Here's a reasonable answer: We discourage sending anything to your recruit in boot camp other than cards and letters. If your recruit asks you to send something i.e. protein bars, then that's between you and your recruit.

Western Inn San Diego Hotel

For Boot Camp Graduations


The staff at Western Inn are here to serve you during your recruit's graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. We offer a special rate for Marine family members; please mention when making your reservations. We are a 5 minute drive (1/2 mile) to MCRD and a 5 minute walk to the Old Town Trolley station.

American Flag Raised on Iwo Jima

February 23, 1945 in Marine Corps History.


February 23 marks the anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in Marine Corps history and in all of World War 2—the American flag being raised over Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

By February of 1945, the United States Marine Corps had been fighting Imperial Japanese forces across the Pacific for three years. As the Marines slowly but surely worked their way across the Pacific in their island-hopping campaign and closed in on the Japanese homeland, the already fanatical Japanese resistance intensified, leading to some of the of the most brutally intense fighting in a campaign known for it ferocity.

AKA: Poolee Family Night

Marine Corps Recruit Station Annual Field Meet


A poolee is an individual who has already signed up to become a Marine but has not yet left for the 13 weeks of recruit training at boot camp in San Diego or Parris Island. Each spring, Marine Corps recruiting stations around the United States hold a "Poolee Family Night" to bring poolees and their parents together to learn what to expect in, and how to prepare for, boot camp.

Marine Corps L.I.N.K.S. Program

Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills


L.I.N.K.S. is an acronym that stands for Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills. It is a program to help families of Marines and Sailors become more familiar with the customs and everyday lifestyle of the military. The classes are available to military personnel as well as spouses, parents, and children of Marines and Sailors. These class

Marine Corps Social Networking

Social Media Guidance for Unofficial Posts


Throughout the Marine Corps' history, people have discussed, debated and embraced the United States Marine Corps and our Marines. These discussions continue today through online conversations and social networks. This page includes several articles and handbooks from the Marine Corps as well as guidelines from the organization.

Marine Corps Promotions

Every good Marine wants to know how they can get promoted.


There is one question that any good Marine will ask on a regular basis. "How can I get promoted?" That answer will vary depending on the rank of the Marine. We will keep it simple and stick to the basics of getting promoted.

Promotions are cause for celebration and Marines have their own traditions. As the parent of a Marine, you can commemorate their promotion with an engraved coin with your Marine's name, new rank, and date of promotion.

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Diana, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, February 9, 2024, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Diana, the Mother of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Echo Company to become a Marine.

Thank you to Marine Parents and to all supporters for the assistance that you gave us! Your help means so much since we have so many expenses to take care of. Traveling can be a hardship but you allowed us to have peace of mind by doing the best you can to alleviate some of our expenses. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may God keep on blessing every one of you for your generosity. Diana, New Marine Mom

Marine Corps Boot Camp Training Weeks

Here is a summary of the training weeks at boot camp.


Our new Matrices have arrived! The Marine Corps changed their recruit training matrix in 2022 and we've finally our posters updated and in our store. See the link below if you need to get a new matrix.

Along with the matrices, our website contains a summary of each training week at Marine Corps boot camp. Our information comes from the official MCRD Parris Island and San Diego websites. The schedules for San Diego and Parris Island are different so be sure to select the correct tab on our page.

MCRD San Diego Graduations

A Great Hotel 2 Miles from MCRD!


Town and Country Resort, located in San Diego’s Mission Valley neighborhood, is just 2 miles to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot and offers a comfortable and fun option for military families. Recently renovated with an authentic mid-century modern design and a friendly Southern California vibe, the resort is an ideal home base for a San Diego stay.

The resort offers a comfortable guestroom, 3 pools, a 4-story waterslide named “Twister,” 5 restaurants and bars, a penthouse fitness center with Peloton bikes, and 19 fire pits. It is pet and family-friendly with a 3-acre attached park and a host of family activities. The resort is within walking distance of Fashion Valley Mall and provides easy access to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, beaches, and area attractions.

Making Reservations
Special rates for military families are available when you book using the RESERVE link:

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Trenity, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, February 9, 2024, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Trenity, Mother of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from India Company to become a Marine.

It was a blessing to be able to see my son graduate. Thank you for helping us make this happen. Trenity, New Marine Mom

Preparing for Boot Camp

For your Poolee and for YOU!


Are you a seasoned Marine Parent our just starting the journey? This is great information for you to know as you meet other family members who are new to the Corps. You can help them prepare starting in the Poolee stage.

As a poolee, your son or daughter is preparing for boot camp, and the recruiters are preparing the poolees physically, intellectually, and emotionally. They have probably heard from other new Marines who have come back to the recruiter's office and shared their experience from boot camp. The recruiters are preparing the poolees the best way they can.

What about you...who has prepared you?

MPTA Helps Marine Mother, Megan, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, January 26, 2024, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Megan, the Mother of a recruit, to San Diego for the recruit's graduation from Bravo Company to become a Marine.

My husband and I are truly grateful for the travel assistance. Without this, we would not have been able to make this trip and see our son graduate from boot camp. It was amazing to see how he has grown up and is now a Marine! Words can't express how much this program means to my family. Thank you just isn't enough. We are forever grateful and one day we will return this award to another Marine family! Megan, New Marine Mom

Congratulations to Kathryn Goodwin, our newest Volunteer!

Kathryn completed 40+ hours of training and mentoring!


CONGRATULATIONS to Kathryn Goodwin who recently completed 40+ hours of training to become one of our newest volunteers for the official Facebook Groups in support of our Marine Corps family members and a place to connect and share®!

Videos to Share at Marine Parents

Here are some Marine Corps videos you can share with friends and family!


This section of our website includes links to videos we'd like to share with you and in our groups and social media platforms. The videos range from the poolee stage all the way through a Marine's career in the Corps.

Operation Deckhouse VI

February 17, 1967, in Marine Corps history.


On February 17, 1967, the first full day of "Operation Deckhouse VI" took place near the city of Quang Ngai, Vietnam. Over the course of the operation, which lasted until March 3, the Special Landing Force (BLT Y4 and HMM-363) killed 280 enemy combatants.

The History of the Battlefield Cross

Learn the history and purchase the lapel pin for Memorial Day


The first appearance of the “battlefield cross” is not a known fact. Some believe it may have been during the Civil War where it may have been used to signify the location of a dead soldier to be collected and buried during which time they would call a temporary truce.

Health Insurance in the Marine Corps

Learn about the health insurance Marines are offered in the Corps.


Health insurance is just one of the many benefits offered in the Marine Corps. The health insurance offered to Marines has many complexities and at times can be confusing, and with that comes a lot of questions from parents. When to take your recruit/Marine off your insurance? When does your recruit/Marines' insurance take effect? What if your recruit/Marine is a reservist? Not only should Marines be aware of the benefits that are available to them, but their families should also be educated on them as well.

The Crucible During Recruit Training

The Crucible is a test every recruit must go through to become a Marine.


The Crucible is a test every recruit must go through to become a Marine. It tests every recruit physically, mentally, and morally and is the defining experience of recruit training. The Crucible takes place over 54 hours and includes food, sleep deprivation, and over 45 miles of marching. The Crucible event pits teams of recruits against a barrage of day and night events requiring every recruit to work together to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and help each other along the way.

The Marine Corps Flag

Learn the history of the Marine Corps Flag.


The Marine Corps flag is scarlet and shows the Marine Corps emblem, which contains a fouled anchor, a globe displaying the western hemisphere, and a spread American Bald Eagle atop the globe. A ribbon held in the eagle's beak carries the Marine motto, "Semper Fidelis," (Latin for "always faithful"). Below the emblem, a larger ribbon holds the title, "United States Marine Corps."

The history of the Marine Corps flag is long and diverse. There is little information available about the flags carried by early Marines, although there is evidence that the "Grand Union" flag was carried ashore by a battalion led by Captain Samuel Nicholas on New Providence Island, Bahamas, in March of 1776. The "Rattlesnake" flag may have also been carried on that expedition.

USS Maine Explodes

February 15, 1898, in Marine Corps history.


On February 15, 1898, 28 Marines and 232 sailors were killed when the U.S. battleship Maine exploded under suspicious circumstances in the harbor of Havana, Cuba. Despite the fact that no definitive evidence of the Spanish being involved in the explosion, "Remember The Maine" became a rallying cry and less than three months later, the United States and Spain were at war.

OPSEC in Boot Camp

Is it REALLY Necessary NOW?


What's critical is that you are aware of what OPSEC is. You can protect your loved ones by protecting the information that you know. This is known in the military as "Operations Security" or OPSEC.

In this series of articles on "Becoming a Marine Parent", we've talked a little bit about privacy and respect, noting that both are important concepts to learn as the parent of a recruit. As your recruit nears graduation, the concept of Operations Security becomes just as important to understand.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Structure

Training Battalions, Companies, and Platoons


There are two facilities for Marine recruit training. Marine Corps Recruit Depots (MCRDs) are located in San Diego, California, and Parris Island, South Carolina. Their acronyms are MCRDSD and MCRDPI, respectively.

Montford Point Marines

Today's featured Marines are the Montford Point Marines!


In 1942, Camp Montford Point was established with the first African Americans to serve as Marines since the American Revolution. The history of Montford Point and the brave men who trained there is a testament to the price African Americans had to pay in order to gain acceptance into one of the nation's most respected institutions.

What’s next in Marine Corps innovation?

A video from MilTech on Defense News


Marines are known for being adaptable and creative. So what are some of the advancements they’re trying out to improve in the field? This video explains some recent technologies to make tools lighter, faster, and deadlier for the Marine Corps. Narrated by Todd South, Editor-at-Large for Military Times.

Corporal Lawrence Diggs

Today's featured Marine is Corporal Lawrence Diggs.


In 1942 Camp Montford Point was opened and young African American men began filtering through for recruit training to join the United States Marine Corps. Approximately 20,000 African American recruits went through Montford Point from 1942 to 1949. At that time, the Marine Corps was segregated and African American recruits were not allowed to train with white recruits. Although African American recruits trained at a different location than other recruits, their training was just as challenging. Montford Point was the birthplace of some of the toughest and most brave Marines in the history of the Marine Corps.

Among these tough Marines was Cpl. Lawrence "Larry" Diggs. Mr. Diggs happens to live near the corporate office in Columbia, MO and our staff has had the honor of meeting and working with him. Born in Mississippi and raised in Chicago, Diggs was drafted into the military in May 1942 and was one of the first African Americans recruited by the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Motto & Slogans

The long history of the Marine Corps contains many mottos & slogans that are still used today.


The Marine Corps has a long and illustrious history dating back to November 10, 1775. Over the years Marines have picked up nicknames like "Devil Dog" and "Leatherneck" and have adopted phrases "Semper Fidelis," "the Few, the Proud," and "Esprit de Corps." From the Marines' Hymn to the famous Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem, there is much to learn about the terminology of the Corps.

MCRD Support Battalion is not RTBN

More Acronyms: STC, MRP, PCP, EHP


MCRD San Diego and Parris Island have a Support Battalion that functions in several capacities for each Depot. Included in the companies for this battalion is the Special Training Company (STC), which is the company recruits are assigned to should they need to be removed from the standard Recruit Training Battalion (RTBN). Taking these actions could happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to recruits who need medical rehabilitation (MRP), physical conditioning PCP), and evaluation (EHP).

Operation Homecoming Vietnam POWs

February 12, 1973, From our Founder


51 years ago today, a C-141A Starlifter transport jet with a distinctive red cross on its tail lifted off from Hanoi, North Vietnam, and the first flight of 40 U.S. prisoners of war began their journey home through Operation Homecoming. I was 11 years old, and our family lived at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. I remember the POWs coming home like it was yesterday. My mother took us to greet every plane that arrive on the tarmac. We wore our POW bracelets and hoped "our" POW would be coming home.

It was a time like no other in the history of the United States, and even as a child, I understood the impact on these service members being released from a prisoner of war camp. Today, I want to remember this time and share those memories with others who may not know that time in our history. It should never be forgotten.

The article written on the 40th anniversary of Operation Homecoming is well done, and I encourage you to take time to read it. The link follows.

Letters Sent Home from Recruits

What to Expect, When to Expect, How it All Works


You may be a lucky parent and receive a lot of mail from your recruit. Many are not so lucky, as recruits are very busy during boot camp and will likely be using every spare moment to study and get caught up on work related to becoming a Marine. Recruits are given time to write, but it is up to each individual recruit to choose what he or she needs to do during that free time.


Do you know the differences between PERSEC and OPSEC?


When it comes to Personal Security (PERSEC), there seems to be some confusion about what it is and how it can affect a Marine and their families on a daily basis. So we're going to attempt to clear it up.

First of all, PERSEC is similar but is NOT OPSEC. OPSEC deals more with the day-to-day operations going on in the Marine Corps. This can be for anything from deployment dates to weapons serial numbers to troop movements.

On the other hand, there is PERSEC. PERSEC deals more with each individual's personal security and how they safeguard their own personal information. We will talk about how it relates to deployments and social media, and how we can better protect ourselves from giving up our personal information.

The Marine Corps does not enforce PERSEC regulations as strictly as they do for OPSEC. However, that does not make PERSEC less important than OPSEC. If safety, in general, is important to you then you should be taking PERSEC seriously.

John H. Russell Appointed U.S. High Commissioner to Haiti

February 11, 1922, in Marine Corps history.


On February 11, 1922, Brigadier General John H. Russell was appointed U.S. High Commissioner and personal representative of the President to the government of Haiti. For the next nine years, the future Commandant in supreme command of both the occupying American forces and the Haitian Gendarmerie.

Combat Marksmanship

SOI: Marines will undergo combat marksmanship training


The Marine Corps' primary mission is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, as well as to repel an assault by fire and close combat during amphibious assaults and subsequent operations ashore. Combat-ready Marines must be skilled in tactics and highly proficient in firearms.

Becoming a Marine Parent

A 13-Week Journey for You, Too.


Your loved ones have enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and now YOUR journey begins as well. As they get ready to leave for boot camp they are busy preparing for their career as one of "The Few, The Proud." One of the most important steps for loved ones at home is already completed! You have joined Recruit Parents and are well on your way to becoming informed, educated and supported by others experiencing the same emotions.

PFC James Anderson Jr.

Today's featured Marine is Private First Class James Anderson Jr.


Today's featured Marine is Private First Class James Anderson Jr. PFC Anderson is the first African-American Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor!

On February 28, 1967, while on patrol outside of the village of Cam Lo, Quang Tri Province, PFC Anderson's platoon came under heavy enemy fire. During the ensuing firefight, an enemy grenade landed near PFC Anderson and several other Marines. PFC Anderson pulled the grenade to his chest, curled around it, and absorbed the majority of the blast with his body, heroically saving the lives of the Marines around him at the cost of his own.

Captain Frederick C. Branch

Today's featured Marine is Captain Frederick C. Branch!


In the spirit of the value the Marine Corps places on its history, we wanted to give you, Marine families and supporters, an opportunity to embrace and learn about this part of Marine Corps legacy as well. In this piece, we take a further look at the first African-American officer in the United States Marine Corps - Frederick C. Branch.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Terminology and Acronyms

Learn some of the earliest terminology your recruit is taught during boot camp.


There are literally thousands of acronyms in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and all branches of the military and there are hundreds of new terms to learn. This reference is a starting point for recruit families—those that are most important to learn during recruit training. After graduation, there are additional resources with more terminology on the primary website for But these are the most important to learn at this time.

Congratulations to Nicole Korous, our newest Volunteer!

Nicole completed 40+ hours of training and mentoring!


CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Korous who recently completed 40+ hours of training to become one of our newest volunteers for the official Facebook Groups in support of our Marine Corps family members and a place to connect and share®! Nicole is joining our 3rd Battalion San Diego team.

Gilda Jackson Becomes First African-American Female Marine Colonel

October 1, 1997, in Marine Corps history.


On October 1, 1997, Colonel Gilda A. Jackson, of Columbus, Ohio, became the first African-American female Marine to achieve the rank of Colonel during a ceremony at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina. Prior to her promotion, Jackson served as the Special Projects Officer of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

Hue's Hospital, Jail, Provincial Headquarters Recaptured

February 6, 1968, in Marine Corps history.


On February 6, 1968, two reduced Marine battalions, the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines with two companies, and 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines with three, recaptured Hue's hospital, jail, and provincial headquarters. It would take three more weeks of intense house-to-house fighting, and nearly a thousand Marines killed and wounded before the imperial city was secured.

The United States Military Code of Conduct

Learn about the U.S. Military Code of Conduct at Marine Parents


All service members receive training in the U.S. military's Code of Conduct at various times in their careers.

The Code of Conduct, which was introduced by President Eisenhower in 1955, is based on time-honored concepts and traditions dating back to the American Revolution.

The six articles outline the obligations and responsibilities of U.S. service members in harm's way.

Battle of Roi-Namur

February 2, 1944, in Marine Corps history.


On February 2, 1944, the 4th Marine Division captured Roi-Namur and eight other islands in the Kwajalein Atoll. This was done as part of the first assault on islands controlled by the Japanese before the beginning of World War II.

Knowledge is Power!

Visit Marine Parents to Learn about the Corps


Your recruit or Marine is likely in this profession for at least 4 years. It can be scary when you don't understand what's happening during each career stage of your Marine's journey. Visit the Marine Parents website to learn more about the Corps. We've got over 20 years of experience explaining things in civilian terms. Take a spin through the knowledge today!

Montford Point Marine Memorial

Dedicated to all Montford Point Marines and their legacy (Jacksonville, NC)


February is Black History month. Today we are featuring the Montford Point Marines.

The Montford Point Marine Sculpture that represents the Montford Point Marines; the angle of incline represents the uphill struggle for equality, stands at the Montford Point Marines Memorial in Jacksonville, N.C., Aug. 26.

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Christian Ayers/Released 200826-M-ZF985-1022.JPG

MPTA Helps Marine Guardian, Becky, Attend Graduation

Thank you Marine Parents Travel Assistance!


On Friday, January 12, 2024, Marine Parents Travel Assistance sent Becky, Guardian of a recruit, to Parris Island for the recruit's graduation from Echo Company to become a Marine.

Thank you MarineParents for the travel assistance which made sure that me and my family were present during our Marine's graduation! It meant the world to us! I might have made my way there; however, without your help, it would have cost our family severely in ways that we just simply cannot afford. Seeing all that my Marine is becoming and all that he has already accomplished-- it was that little spark that our family needed. Especially because I believe that it takes a village to raise children-- & without my village, as well as the extended support from folks like all of you-- our family would not be as blessed, as it most certainly is. Thank you very much for all that you do! Wendy, New Marine Guardian

Operation Prairie II Begins

February 1, 1967, in Marine Corps history.


On February 1, 1967, elements of the 3rd Marine Division began Operation Prairie II in Quang Tri province, South Vietnam. The 46-day search-and-destroy operation, which concluded on March 18, 93 Marines and 693 enemy troops were killed.

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