Training In Full MCRD Parris Island Training Matrix

Here's how the weeks of the Training Matrix work. The Matrix includes 13 weeks. Your recruit is actually AT MCRD for recruit training for 13 weeks. Receiving Week (a/k/a pickup) is the first week. Then there are 12 training weeks. The training weeks are called "Training Week 1", "Training Week 2", etc. So when you hear training week 1 and you think to yourself "but my recruit has already been there one week!" you'll understand the training week numbers a little better.

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This matrix is based on the 2022 matrix used at MCRD. It is not an official Marine Corps publication. This design was created by January 2023. The matrix is ONLY a guide and is subject to changes by Drill Instructors or the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Training Matrix 2022 MCRD Parris Island Training Matrix
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