Recruiters Assistance After Boot Camp Graduation

While on leave, Marines may be selected by the USMC for participation in the Permissive Recruiter Assistance Support Program (PRASP). If selected for the program, ensure you bring with you all endorsements related to such program upon checking in to SOI. Unless approved by HQMC (MMEA-11/ELTA), Infantry-bound and Reserves Marines are NOT authorized PRASP.

During RA, the new Marine will spend time in their home town assisting the Recruiters. The new Marine can expect to spend time with recruiters talking to young men and women around town, at the mall and even high schools. Your new Marine will speak with people about joining the Marine Corps and what to expect once they've decided to join. Your Marine will also assist with preparing poolees physically and mentally for success at recruit training.

Recruiters Assistance after Boot Camp Graduation
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