Boot Camp and Graduation Developments During Covid-19

Several sections of our website and information are being updated to reflect changes in Marine Corps policy for training, travel, and procedures as we progress through the Covid Pandemic. Please bear with us as we work through changes. Updates are ongoing beginning May 5, 2021.

Boot Camp and Graduation Developments During Covid-19

COVID-19 Impact on USMC, Marines, and Family Members


There has been some inconsistency in the message for whether those in quarantine are poolees or recruits. After speaking with the CWO2 Yarbrough at the Communication Strategy and Operations (CSO) office at MCRD Parris Island, we will be referring to those in quarantine as POOLEES. CWO2 Yarbrough told us the Marine Corps wants a clear distinction between those in quarantine and those in training. Poolees in quarantine are in a more relaxed environment without Drill Instructors. Poolees will become recruits after stepping on the Yellow Footprints. We are currently updating the pages on our websites that refer to poolees in quarantine to ensure the message is consistent.

Covid-19 Impact on Poolees

The Covid impact on poolees has mainly been centered around their arrival to recruit training. Poolees may enter a 7-14-day quarantine upon their arrival (Parris Island has confirmed its quarantine is now 7 days). Poolees who ship to MCRD San Diego will stay in a hotel off base and poolees shipping to MCRD Parris Island will ship to Jacksonville, FL and stay in a hotel, as well.

**Some parents have let us know that their son/daughter were sent directly to their training company after checking into quarantine. Since there has not been an announcement from the Marine Corps, we will not speculate as to why some poolees may move on to training sooner than others.

While in quarantine, each poolee will be screened and observed by medical care providers for the duration of the two-week period. Additionally, poolees will receive virtual classes to increase their general military knowledge and will be given instruction and information to perform calisthenics and body weight exercises to maintain their fitness while in quarantine.

San Diego poolees are allowed to call home on weekends from 0800 to 2000 PST. Which day they can call will depend on their room number. Recruiters can call anytime to ensure the motivation of the poolee remains high while in quarantine.

As long as poolees don't test positive for Covid-19, they will join their training company and begin their journey to become a United States Marine.

Both Depots Reopen Graduations & Family Day

As of the end of June, both MCRD Parris Island and MCRD San Diego have opened Thursday family day and Friday graduations to the public. There is no "ticket" required to attend and you do not need an invitation. Restrictions on the base include wearing a face covering.

Graduation Live Streams

For those who are not able to attend graduation, each depot still has a live stream for graduations on its Facebook page. The link to each depots Facebook page is:

Marine Parents Travel Assistance

If you need help with travel expenses for graduation or if you would like to learn more about how our Travel Assistance program works, please visit We have been serving the Marine Corps and recruit family community for more than fifteen years.

10-Day Leave

All newly graduated Marines will continue to report directly to the School of Infantry. Government transportation will be provided for the Marines from the depot. Upon completion of that phase they will continue on to their assigned unit or additional formal training as required.

Shipping Packages to Recruits

During this pandemic, we urge family and friends of recruits to refrain from sending any packages to their recruit or new Marine. This includes items such as clothing, cell phones, shoes, etc. The Marines who work in the mail room are already overwhelmed and it can be difficult to safely move mail and packages during a pandemic. New Marines have the option of shopping at the Exchange on the Depot if they need anything. We recommend only sending letters to the Depots until further notice.

Making Marines During Covid-19

How Recruit Training Has Changed

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