Supporting Becky and All Gold Star Families

This Weekend's Run to Honor Fallen Heroes
Supporting Becky and All Gold Star Families
Posted on 9/25/2022

Each year in September, our virtual run/walk event is to honor Gold Star Families, those who've lost their son or daughter in service to our nation. This weekend, we dedicate our event to Becky Wilson, whose Marine son died on September 2. Here are some sentiments from this weekend's runners and walkers.

Every mile I accomplished is dedicated to these Gold Star Families & especially to Becky in the recent loss of her Marine. My heart goes out to all of you!! Katy Swanson, Runner and Marine Mom support and honor Becky and Reagan Wilson. Deyanira Wood, Runner and Recruit Mom
I ran with my running group and got 5.25 miles in memory of Reagan Wilson and his family. I can't imagine losing my son at such a young age. My heart goes to Becky, her family, and all Gold Star Families. Nickie Sattler, Runner and Marine Mom
This walk is for Becky and Reagan! Lyn LaFontaine, Walker
This walk was for Becky, her son, Reagan, and every Gold Star family I've met in the last 20 years at Marine Parents. Please know that you are always in my heart. Always. Tracy Della Vecchia, Walker, and Founder of

You can show your support for Becky and her son Reagan by participating in the virtual event AND changing your social media profile image for the remainder of the weekend and during Gold Star Family Day this Sunday, September 25, 2022. Use this link to download an image for your profile: and use the hashtag #ForBeckyandReagan in the description of your image.

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